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Need to attend a Motivational Conference? Here is how to choose the right Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers! Nowadays, there are so many of them. However, not as many are as great as they claim to be, which can make it a little harder to pick the right motivational speaker for your needs. Motivational speakers are supposed to provide interesting points of view on various issues and topics that can allow individuals to live their lives more positively. It is safe to say that whether you are looking to make some changes or are chasing goals for your businessif you are thinking about attending an event or hiring a motivational speaker, you want a motivational speaker that can inspire.

How to choose the right motivational speaker

Watch clips or videos of them performing

Before you decide to attend any motivational speaking event, one of the very first things that you have to do is watch your prospective speaker performing to determine whether they fit your style or objective. Obviously, you want a motivational speaker that is not only relevantbut one that will be engaging as well. Watching videos of the speaker in action will also help you understand how the speaker interacts with the audience and how the audience responds to the speaker.

Look for originality

Most motivational speakers have curated speeches or a series of practiced and organized thoughts that they can draw on when necessary. However, if you are going to pay to attend a motivational event, it is important to get value for your money. Otherwise, you might end up paying for a ticket and the only thing you will get is regurgitated advice that you have probably heard before. The best motivational speakers usually tailor a presentation that will appeal to the audience in attendance, which requires coming up with a speech from scratch or repurposing old content in a creative way.

Do your research

If you want to get the best motivational speaker, it will require a little research on your part. You should only hire a motivational speaker that understands his or her audience. You do not want to attend an event hosted by a nuclear physicist that claims to have the power to motivate a bunch of single women. Such a motivational speaker would probably be out of his or her element, and that is what you want to avoid.

Actionable advice

The motivational speaker that you choose to see should be able to supply the audience in attendance with clear idea, knowledge, andconcepts that are actionable so that you can then integrate the advice into your daily life.


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Is Your End of Tenancy London Service Green Enough?

As a landlord, staying with the preferences of your tenants ensures that your units have a steady stream of customers. More tenants especially those in the younger years are realizing the need for a green approach in doing things. This is for health reasons as well the sustainability of the environment. Rental units where green cleaning is practiced will pull more potential tenants. How can you tell if the end of tenancy London cleaning service you are using is observing green practices?

Green cleaning products

The cleaning products that a cleaning service uses can tell a lot about its observance for green practices. Natural cleaning products are generally more expensive than industrial chemicals. For a cleaning company to commit to using these products, it shows that the company does not necessarily offer cheap, but quality products. Some of the green products you should see include:

  • Baking soda for clearing drains and sinks
  • Vinegar for cleaning fungi, mildew and water stains.
  • Lemon oil for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces including polishing metal surfaces
  • Use of green multipurpose cleaning products– Some cleaning companies formulate their own green cleaning products using salt, vinegar, baking soda, lemon and essential oils. The formula will vary depending on the cleaning need.

Use of green tools and equipment

Tools that promote environmental conservation and sustainability are considered green. These type of implements do not draw a lot of resources in power and do not release pollutants into the environment. Good examples include microfiber mops and towels. These are made from a type of fabric is made by closely knitting natural fibers together. These towels are batter in capturing dust and dirt, and microscopic organisms better than sponges. They are made of cotton rather than sponges, which are made from petroleum products, and retain bacteria.

Energy saving cleaners also make a cleaning company’s practice cleaner. You should look out for cleaning equipment with energy saving ratings like the ENERGY star, or the CRI green label that can be found on equipment like hoovers and vacuums.

Practicing green business operations

An end of tenancy London cleaning service should also be green in its business operations. Use of recycled paper and carpooling are some of these green practices.

Observing green cleaning practices has several benefits:

  • Health reasons – Natural cleaning products are less likely to trigger allergies in people with respiratory and skin conditions
  • Better smells – Some natural products like lemon, rose oil, eucalyptus and lavender have softer fragrances that are friendly.
  • Environmental protection – Natural cleaning products break down faster in the environment, presenting less of a health hazard.
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Tips for Negotiating the Best Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Customers will always want to save money. Whether they want to buy cars, pay for vacation, book a ticket to a concert, or take a cab, customers will always negotiate until they get the best rates. Cleaners must also be ready to encounter customers who wish to negotiate the best tenancy cleaning prices. Some will not mind paying the set rates. As a cleaner, you have to know a few “rules” to help you negotiate with customers.

How should cleaners go about this?

Never negotiate prices for the initial cleaning

First, the initial home cleaning service and price is not subject to negotiation. The price stays as it is. Don’t touch it or encourage customers to negotiate it. The only time you should consider negotiating the price the first time you offer your services if the home is impeccably clean and you have little to do. Charge enough the first time to avoid losing money going forward, especially if the home is irredeemably dirty.

Show some flexibility later

Nevertheless, some customers can be too strict and refuse to accept any other rate apart from what they requested. In such cases, you may need to be a bit creative. For a start, demonstrate your willingness to remove some of the services you had offered from the list. Consider introducing or charging low rates if customers cannot continue hiring you at the tenancy cleaning prices you charged the first time.

You may have to consider reducing the frequency of some of the services you offer.

Let clients know you cannot do everything you did the first time if they insist on low rates.

Be willing to make compromises

It is good to make a few compromises too. For example, let clients know that you’re ready to revise the charges downwards after you have cleaned their homes 4-5 times. Make sure you monitor the expenses you incur over the duration of the 4-5 cleaning sessions. This way, you will offer a new rate that does not eat into your profits and leave you with losses. Moreover, monitoring your costs helps you know whether there’s room for revising the rates.

Don’t promise to reduce the rates unless you’re sure you will do it.

Clients will not take kindly to a promise you made yet have no intention of honoring.

With more experience, however, you can tell a client from the start that you will charge low tenancy cleaning prices after X number of times. This is because you can tell how much cleaning a house needs the first time you show up. In addition, you can predict how much time you will spend cleaning the house just by walking from one room to the next the first time you visit it. Your negotiation skills improve with time.

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Four Ways a Motivation Speaker Will Benefit Your Business

Business leaders can play a crucial role motivating their workforce to be more productive. The only problem with this is if these leaders spend more time than they should on, what is essentially, not part of their core job description. When the need for motivation exceeds what a business leader can provide, then it might be time to consider hiring a motivational speaker. Yes, motivational speakers help businesses to achieve the desired turnaround and results.

How do motivational speakers help businesses?

Boosting drive and determination

A highly motivated workforce makes the work atmosphere happier, full of energy and more focus. Motivational speakers who know their craft use the right tools to keep such a workforce highly motivated and upbeat. They employ stories that talk of adversities. They share stories of people and organizations that overcame challenges to get to the top. They even speak of people who are doing something to make a difference somewhere in the world.

Regardless of the tool the speakers use, the result is they help employees to be driven.

Introduce fresh ideas

At times, businesses need a shot of new ideas to move to the next level.A business can stay in a rut if no fresh perspectives are forthcoming. A glut in new ideas is dangerous for the business. Adaptation is something businesses should never resist. It is not enough for businesses to keep up with their competitors. Instead, they also need to strive to surpass and stay ahead of the competition. Motivational speakers can do these things exceptionally well.

Compelling to listen to

Your workforce is probably tired of how you deliver your talks. Nothing you do or say can motivate them to reach for more. At such moments, you would be better off hiring a motivational speaker for one or several sessions with your workforce. The speakers have developed an art to speaking. They know how to deliver the kind of talks that leave you and your team with no choice other than to listen and do as they recommend.

Improved engagements

How does your workforce engage? How do the workers engage with each other? How do they engage with customers? If the level of engagement isn’t something that pleases you, it might be time to bring in outside help. What is more, the results the speaker leaves behind could improve the level of engagement between you and the team. The speakers know how to break the walls that make engagements between business leaders and the workforce impossible.

Therefore, feel free to hire a motivational speaker to help your business move to the next level.

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What does a Motivational Speaker Contribute to Your Personal Development?

Every person should strive to attain personal development. In fact, personal development is a never-ending goal. It’s something you strive towards every day you are alive. It is a continuous journey rather than a destination. In personal development, the focus is on increased self-awareness and identity. The focus is on developing your talents and potential too. In all these, the motivational speaker can help you greatly.

How does the speaker contribute towards your development as a person?

Setting small achievable goals

The speaker is knowledgeable in helping you to set small and achievable goals. Often, many people do not develop as much as they would want. One of the reasons for this failure is the unimaginable and unachievable goals they set. A motivational speaker helps you to identify small goals that you can start with before building your way to the bigger ones. What can you achieve in a week? A month? A year? Start with those with the help of this speaker.

Take small steps if you must, but don’t stop moving

The speaker can motivate you to move constantly. It is so tempting to feel like stopping, especially when the race gets tough. The speaker can help you to take a different approach. Taking small steps, even it means delayed accomplishments and achievements, is better than no longer moving. Inertia is one of your biggest enemies, more so, if you value and pursue self-development.


Yes, accountability is essential for any meaningful personal development. Motivate yourself to cooperate with somebody with whom you can be accountable. The accountability partner will help put you under a bit of pressure, which is an effective way of overcoming laziness. Laziness is one of the biggest impediments to personal development. The motivational speaker will help you be more open to somebody who can hold you accountable for your actions.

Ignoring failures

It is easy to preoccupy yourself with your past failures and shortcomings to the detriment of what the future holds for you. The potential that exists in you can go up in flames if you focus more on the past than the future. A motivational speaker enters your life to open your eyes to the numerous possibilities that exist. The speaker helps you to look at the successes you can achieve going forward rather than the failures that might have disappointed you.

Therefore, hire and work with a motivational speaker if you can no longer motivate yourself.

Get a good speaker who can motivate you towards personal development.

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