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Is Your End of Tenancy London Service Green Enough?

As a landlord, staying with the preferences of your tenants ensures that your units have a steady stream of customers. More tenants especially those in the younger years are realizing the need for a green approach in doing things. This is for health reasons as well the sustainability of the environment. Rental units where green cleaning is practiced will pull more potential tenants. How can you tell if the end of tenancy London cleaning service you are using is observing green practices?

Green cleaning products

The cleaning products that a cleaning service uses can tell a lot about its observance for green practices. Natural cleaning products are generally more expensive than industrial chemicals. For a cleaning company to commit to using these products, it shows that the company does not necessarily offer cheap, but quality products. Some of the green products you should see include:

  • Baking soda for clearing drains and sinks
  • Vinegar for cleaning fungi, mildew and water stains.
  • Lemon oil for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces including polishing metal surfaces
  • Use of green multipurpose cleaning products– Some cleaning companies formulate their own green cleaning products using salt, vinegar, baking soda, lemon and essential oils. The formula will vary depending on the cleaning need.

Use of green tools and equipment

Tools that promote environmental conservation and sustainability are considered green. These type of implements do not draw a lot of resources in power and do not release pollutants into the environment. Good examples include microfiber mops and towels. These are made from a type of fabric is made by closely knitting natural fibers together. These towels are batter in capturing dust and dirt, and microscopic organisms better than sponges. They are made of cotton rather than sponges, which are made from petroleum products, and retain bacteria.

Energy saving cleaners also make a cleaning company’s practice cleaner. You should look out for cleaning equipment with energy saving ratings like the ENERGY star, or the CRI green label that can be found on equipment like hoovers and vacuums.

Practicing green business operations

An end of tenancy London cleaning service should also be green in its business operations. Use of recycled paper and carpooling are some of these green practices.

Observing green cleaning practices has several benefits:

  • Health reasons – Natural cleaning products are less likely to trigger allergies in people with respiratory and skin conditions
  • Better smells – Some natural products like lemon, rose oil, eucalyptus and lavender have softer fragrances that are friendly.
  • Environmental protection – Natural cleaning products break down faster in the environment, presenting less of a health hazard.
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