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Tips for Negotiating the Best Tenancy Cleaning Prices

Customers will always want to save money. Whether they want to buy cars, pay for vacation, book a ticket to a concert, or take a cab, customers will always negotiate until they get the best rates. Cleaners must also be ready to encounter customers who wish to negotiate the best tenancy cleaning prices. Some will not mind paying the set rates. As a cleaner, you have to know a few “rules” to help you negotiate with customers.

How should cleaners go about this?

Never negotiate prices for the initial cleaning

First, the initial home cleaning service and price is not subject to negotiation. The price stays as it is. Don’t touch it or encourage customers to negotiate it. The only time you should consider negotiating the price the first time you offer your services if the home is impeccably clean and you have little to do. Charge enough the first time to avoid losing money going forward, especially if the home is irredeemably dirty.

Show some flexibility later

Nevertheless, some customers can be too strict and refuse to accept any other rate apart from what they requested. In such cases, you may need to be a bit creative. For a start, demonstrate your willingness to remove some of the services you had offered from the list. Consider introducing or charging low rates if customers cannot continue hiring you at the tenancy cleaning prices you charged the first time.

You may have to consider reducing the frequency of some of the services you offer.

Let clients know you cannot do everything you did the first time if they insist on low rates.

Be willing to make compromises

It is good to make a few compromises too. For example, let clients know that you’re ready to revise the charges downwards after you have cleaned their homes 4-5 times. Make sure you monitor the expenses you incur over the duration of the 4-5 cleaning sessions. This way, you will offer a new rate that does not eat into your profits and leave you with losses. Moreover, monitoring your costs helps you know whether there’s room for revising the rates.

Don’t promise to reduce the rates unless you’re sure you will do it.

Clients will not take kindly to a promise you made yet have no intention of honoring.

With more experience, however, you can tell a client from the start that you will charge low tenancy cleaning prices after X number of times. This is because you can tell how much cleaning a house needs the first time you show up. In addition, you can predict how much time you will spend cleaning the house just by walking from one room to the next the first time you visit it. Your negotiation skills improve with time.

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